Cuso Challenge

looking forward to this adventure
looking forward to this adventure


We are hiking to Machu Picchu, Peru for Cuso International and you can help!

In March 2020 we are trekking through rugged territory in Peru to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu as a personal challenge all while supporting a charity we believe in, Cuso International.

Cuso International is a development organization that works to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of highly skilled volunteers, collaborative partnerships and compassionate donors.

As part of our journey, we are fundraising $5000 to help sustain Cuso’s vital work. I hope you will consider making a gift to our team today. Together we can give hope and change lives!

Right now, for every $1 you donate the Canadian Government will provide $9. That means a $25 contribution becomes $250 and a $100 gift becomes $1000!

Thank you in advance for your very kind support,


Dieda and Jason John

Team Jadia74

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About Cuso International

Since 1961, Cuso International has been working to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of volunteers, partners, and donors. Each year Cuso International mobilizes hundreds of professionals who volunteer side-by-side with local partners to create positive and lasting change.

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