Create your own fundraising event

Whether you throw a party, celebrate a milestone, run a race, or host a bake sale, you decide how to support Cuso International.

Cuso International

Peter and Debra’s Success!

We believe in Cuso International. It is an organization that not only supports its volunteers but builds partnerships in countries around the world with organizations who sincerely want to improve their situation.

We hosted various events in Tatamagouche, NS raising $2,500 for Cuso International. We organized a bake sale at a local farmers’ market where our friends and family donated baked goods that we sold. Cuso provided balloons, a banner and promotional material for the table.

We also hosted a barbeque outside of our local Scotiabank on a warm summer day. We sold hotdogs and drinks. In addition to the barbeque, we hosted a trivia night at our home where we invited twenty people over for a trivia competition. We served our homemade wine and snacks. This evening was a lot of fun and each contestant contributed twenty dollars to aid Cuso International.

Our best tip is to try to keep your event fun and light-hearted. Talking about Cuso International and spreading awareness of Cuso’s good work is an important secondary benefit to your fundraising.